Creative Peptides Offers Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging (SPRi) Service for Researchers

As a leading supplier of API peptides, cosmetic peptides, catalog peptides, Creative Peptides has long been famous for its series of pharmaceutical peptide synthesis, analysis and modification services. On December 18, 2018, it announces to offer Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging service for the science community, along with other peptide analysis services like Epitope Mapping, Peptide Characterization, Peptide Library and Array.

SPRi is a well-established leading technology for measuring association (ka) and dissociation rates (kd), affinities (KD). It has become an important optical biosensing technology in areas of biology, biochemistry, and medical sciences ever since its first use in a real-time analysis of a biological system back in 1990s. It is a real-time, label-free, and high-throughput technique used to study biomolecular interactions based on detecting the refractive index changes resulting from molecular binding.

"SPR is an optical detection process that occurs when a polarized light hits a prism covered by a thin planar metal layer which is typically gold or silver. At certain angles of incidence, a portion of the light energy wants to pass through the gold coating and create a surface of plasmonic wave at the sample and gold surface interface, "explains dr. Robert Martinez, Head of Creative Peptides' synthesis work. "Because the angle of light is required to sustain the surface of the plasmon wave is very sensitive to changes in refractive index at the surface, so we could use these changes to monitor the association and dissociation of biomolecules."

Now scientists are using SPR in kinetic characterization to select and characterize novel therapeutics. So, basic life scientists use SPR to investigate specific biological binding events. In general, SPRi can be used in a wide range of applications when combined with appropriate surface chemistry, microfluidics and software, including: affinity analysis, ligand-fishing, epitope mapping, protein / protein interaction, DNA / DNA interactions, protein / carbohydrates, Protein / DNA interactions, RNA / RNA interactions, polymer / polymer interactions, antibody / protein interactions, peptides / protein interactions, antibody / cell interactions.

For more information about Creative Peptides' Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging service, please visit: or email at contact @creative-

Staffed with experts in multiple fields like peptide technology, antibodies as well as synthetic chemistry, Creative Peptides now focuses more on its peptide synthesis, analysis and modification efforts by introducing a comprehensive collection of services like peptide library design, peptide nucleic acid synthesis, custom conjugation, silver nanoparticles conjugation, gold nanoparticles conjugation, peptide lead optimization, peptide drug discovery, oligopeptide synthesis, etc.

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